How To: Achieve perfect corners for rolled fondant square cakes

Achieve perfect corners for rolled fondant square cakes

Fondant is an indispensible tool for pastry chefs, and not because they're good at satisfying a sweet tooth. Smooth in consistency and rolling out just like dough, fondant is often used to cover professional cakes and to make miniature cake decorations.

If you'd like to try putting fondant on your cakes but have no idea where to begin, check out this cake decorating video.

You'll learn how to get perfect corners for square cakes and tips for using fondant.

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teknik untuk hasilkan doh sugar pastillarge mcm ne????

I did a princess cake with fondant as the dress. It's a little or challenging than I expected. Make sure to. It use little fluffy cake or else's it won't support the fondant.

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