How To: Cover and Decorate a Cake with Fondant

Cover and Decorate a Cake with Fondant

This is a demonstration of covering and decorating a cake with fondant. The cake is chilled and kept aside for covering. Fondant is bought from a cake decorating shop in bulk of about one pound as less is hardly available. The fondant is kneeded like a bread dough and made smooth and soft. The dough is rolled by a rolling pin after spraying a little corn starch on both sides so that it does not stick to the table or the rolling pin. It is rolled upto a thickness of 1/4" to 1/8" thick if the cake is smooth or thicker if the cake is rough with undulations.

The rolled fondant is placed on top of the cake and smoothened with a trowel, care is taken to remove the air pockets by pricking them with inclined pin pricks. The sides of the cake is also covered with the fondant trowel pressed and air pockets removed. Decorations for the cake can be done from the same sheet of fondant by cutting concentric circles. The lower edge of the cake can be decorated with icing jet with press pull dots which look attractive.

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