How To: Bake and frost petits fours

Bake and frost petits fours

In this tutorial, we learn how to bake and frost petits fours with Rhonda. The tools you will need for this include: silicone pans, cake mix, cooking spray, cookie sheet, oven at 350 degrees, pourable fondant recipe, wax paper, cooling rack, bowls, how water, candy thermometer, spoons, knives, and forks. First, spray your pans with cooking spray and fill them with the cake mix up to half way. Now, place the silicone pan onto a cookie shit and bake in the oven for around 7 to 8 minutes. Then, place the silicon tray onto a cooling rack and let cool until they are no longer warm. Once cooled, remove from the silicone tray and make your fondant how you like it. Once the fondant is finished, place onto the cookies and you will be ready to enjoy!

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