How To: Cover a cake board with Fanci-Foil

Cover a cake board with Fanci-Foil

What to put a cake on can be a dilemma. You can decorate a cake board or purchase a cake turntable. This video will show you how to cover a cake board. You will need: Scissors Cake boards Colored foil Cut a piece of foil. Put the cake board on the wrong side of the foil. Make a mark one to three inches around the cake board. Cut out the foil after you have marked it. If the cake is a rectangle you just wrap the foil on it like a gift. Circles are harder so make a few scissor cuts diagonally around the foil. Bring the foil into the cake board. The scissor cuts will help the foil blend together around the board. After all the ends have been tucked in, turn the board over and press it down. This will mail the foil lie flatter. Turn board back over and tape all the way around to hold it. You can also purchase cake turntables, which come in different heights. These make it easier to decorate the cake. They even sell turntables that tilt which makes it easier to write on the cake.

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