How To: Cover a cake with fondant sugar paste

Cover a cake with fondant sugar paste

In this video cake decorating tutorial, the instructors take you through the steps of learning how to cover a cake with rolled fondant. To follow these directions, you will need a cake made with whole eggs (as that affects the consistency), buttercream icing, piping gel, a one inch brush, rolled fondant, two fondant smoothers, a rolling pin, powdered sugar, cooking spray, and a mini-pizza cutter. Fondant adds a beautiful and impressive finish to a cake, and is not as difficult to apply as one might expect. Watch this instructional video and learn how to cover a cake with fondant sugar paste.

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thanks for your help.

i love baking and decorating cakes

This is my first time decorating cakes It's my Daughter's B/day so i want to suprised her . Thanks for ur help.

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