How To: Create a frilled layers out of gumpaste for cakes

Create a frilled layers out of gumpaste for cakes

This video is showing how to create frilled layers on a cake. First you need one mini cake, rolling pin, one knife, one cocktail stick, rolling board, icing sugar, glue or water, and gumpaste to do this. First you have to roll out the gumpaste to very thin layer. Next cut it out round with the frill cutter. Next take a cocktail stick and then create wavy effect to the gumpaste. Sprinkle some icing sugar on the board to use it fast. Next cut the gumpaste. Next take the mini cake and apply some water or glue at the bottom side of the mini cake and fix the gumpaste there and make some marks on the cake to help some guide. Next fix the gumpaste to the cake and cut the excess of it. Next take some gumpaste and apply white color on it and do the same process as described above and stick it on the above one inch of the first layer. Next add white gumpaste to the gumpaste that you have used to do the second layer. Next make the third layer as described above and attach it to the cake. Next add pink to white gumpaste and press into thin layer and take the stick and give the wave effect. Next apply water or gum on the cake. Next take the layer and fix it on the top of the cake. Next give decoration to the cake however you want. Your cake is ready now.

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this is a very interesting and beautaful cake cause i definetly couldn't make something like this the best cake i made was a cupcake if any one has any cake decorating classes in the bay area i would love to take them my friend is also wondering if there were any fondant and gum paste tutorials or books to teach you how to use gum paste and fondant and this was very helpful cause know i have an idea for a birthday cake

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