How To: Create a marbleized water look with icing

Create a marbleized water look with icing

In this video, we learn how to create a marbleized water look with icing. This is a colorful and eye catching way to put icing on a cake to make a memorable piece! First, spoon your icing into a small bowl and then make a rice cereal treat and shape it into a circle. To start to decorate this, you will pipe on green icing to the sides and front of the ball to make it look like a fish. Then, pipe some of the icing onto a flat surface with red confectioner's sugar. Once this is covered and hardened, it will look like real coral, except you can eat it! Place a stick on this and then you can place it around the cake. Use fondant colored with blue food coloring to make a water type of effect that is marbleized. Enjoy making this and have the kids help you for a family day of fun!

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