How To: Decorate a cake with fruit

Decorate a cake with fruit

Adams Holland and his design assistant Debra now decorate a cake. They start with an angel food cake that has already been baked and cooled. They next add an apricot glaze between the layers. It doesn't have to be perfect, it can be messy, that just makes it feel more homemade. They have stiffened some whipped cream, then fill the middle and apply it around the edges. Adams starts low and moves up, that way the whipped cream has something to rest on. Once covered, you might think what a mess but they start layering things to cover up the mess. Grapes are placed around the edge then beautiful golden raspberries. Just press them in anywhere. Next applied are candied oranges which he sprinkles around. This need not be done just with exotic fruits you could find many different options at your local farmers market or introduce flowers from your garden or market. The finished product looks great and tastes even better. Thank you Adams and Debra.

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