How To: Ice & decorate cookie pops

Ice & decorate cookie pops

If you want to know how to ice & decorate cookie pops, you should watch this video. To ice and decorate cookie pops: Spread your pan with a non-stick spray first before putting the refrigerated dough in the cookie pop pan so that it doesn't stick when you take it out. Position cookie stick, slightly pressing into dough. If desired, place a little additional dough over the top of stick to secure. Bake cookie following pan instructions. Normally, it takes 10 minutes for it to be baked. If you do not have a cookie pop pan, get your cookie that you baked. Add icing on its back and position the cookie pop stick. Put additional icing on the top of the stick. Let it dry. Decorate cookies with icing and candy melt to make it more presentable and adorable.

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