How To: Make a caramelized pear-ginger upside-down cake

Make a caramelized pear-ginger upside-down cake

This video shows a recipe for pear-ginger upside-down cake. First, brown sugar, butter, and corn syrup are melted together in a sauce pan. The mixture is removed from heat and vanilla is added before stirring; this mixture will serve as the glaze for the cake. The glaze is evenly spread into a cake pan. Next, chopped pecans and sliced pears are added to the cake pan. The video then makes use of a spiced cake mix that has been prepared according to the directions with the exception of the addition of an extra egg as well as some finely grated ginger. The cake mix is then spooned into the cake pan. Then the cake is put into the oven for 30-35 minutes at an unspecified temperature. Finally, the finished cake is sprinkled with powder sugar.

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