How To: Make a Fire Truck Birthday Cake

Make a Fire Truck Birthday Cake

To decorate a fire truck birthday cake, you will need the following: three chocolate cakes baked in loaf pans, Oreo-type sandwich cookies, candies, and brightly colored icing.

Level off the cakes by cutting away the beveled tops. Place one of them on your serving tray. Cut a third of one of the cakes and set it aside. Ice the top of the two-thirds portion of the cake. Turn it face down, placing it on top of the first loaf. Line up the rear of the cakes to match. Cut the third cake in half. Ice the top of one half and adhere it to the other half. Turn it vertically, and place it at the front of the loaf. This is your truck.

Crumb-coat your cake in red. To get vibrant dye, use a gel food coloring. Top with your second coat. Use Oreo-type sandwich cookies for wheels. Attach them to your vehicle. Pipe gray icing (mix black and white icing) on to define your truck. Pipe on windows and ladder, and outline it. Then attach gum drops to the truck for lights and sirens and spiraled licorice wheels for fire hoses.

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