How To: Make a princess castle cake

Make a princess castle cake

You'll need five baked eight inch square cakes, five - seven cups of white icing, five sugar cones, a little glitter, a little bit of pink icing, a pastry bag, silver non parils, gummy balls, candies, pink and red icing, mini canned hearts, red sprinkles, colored paper and tape and 5 toothpicks. Cut one cake into fourths and stack them one by one on top of a stack of the other four cakes, secured by white icing. Poke a hole in the tops of each of the cones, then sprinkle each one with edible glitter and set them on the corners of the stack of big cakes. With the pastry bag and pink icing line the corners of the cake and make the door. Then place silver non paril studs into the door icing. Set the gum drops and the candies around the castles' bottom edge. Then add decorative loops of gel icing and the mini candy hearts. Make flags with the toothpicks and colored paper and place them in the turrets. Top the cake with sprinkles. Your castle cake is done.

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