How To: Make a pull-apart football cupcakes

Make a pull-apart football cupcakes

BettyCrockerTV shows viewers how to make pull-apart football cupcakes! First, you should cook cupcakes, and then arrange the cupcakes on the platter. Start with three rows of three cupcakes. Next add two on each side! Then add one on the end to finish this off. Now it should look like a football. Now to frost, you should not frost each cupcake. Instead, pipes frosting on to all of the cupcakes in the shape of a football. It should take 2 cups of frosting. Now, after piping frosting onto the cupcakes you should spread the frosting along the shape of the football. Now, do a shell border around the edge with a star tip to give it a nice edge. Squeeze and pull down in an angle. Now, embellish with decorating icing and make the stitch of the football. Do one line across and small lines to make the stitching. To make it festive, add color with candies around the border!

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