How To: Make a Train Cake

Make a Train Cake

Liv Hansen from Betty Crocker Kitchens demonstrates how to make an adorable train cake. You will need two cakes that have been baked in loaf pans and chilled.

Start by leveling off the top of each cake. Cut one of the cakes into quarters. Take the other cake and slice a piece off each side. Then, on one end, slice off a small piece at an angle, and about halfway back, cut out a small piece and place it on top. This will be the engine.

Using different colored frostings, frost each piece with a thin layer as a crumb coat and refrigerate while it sets. Then, you are ready for the final frosting and assembling of the train.

On a tray, draw the train tracks with chocolate frosting. Then, with a spatula, carefully lift each piece onto the tracks. Now, you can use your creativity to decorate the train with an assortment of candy.

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