How To: Make and decorate a dazzling day birthday cake

Make and decorate a dazzling day birthday cake

This video is a demonstration on how to make a festive and colorful birthday cake. The frosting on the cake is made of rolled fondant, which comes in bright colors already made. Roll the fondant about 1/8" thick. The cake should have a thin layer of buttercream frosting on it. Lay the fondant over the cake and mold the fondant over it with your hands, trimming the extra off the bottom. Fondant can also be used for decorations on the cake. They cut out squares of fondant to make birthday presents, little circles, and long strips which they curl around a lollipop stick. Some of the fondant is pressed into molds to make shapes. Allow the shapes to dry and remove them with a toothpick. To decorate with a sponging technique, dip a damp paper towel or plastic wrap in colorful icing and dab it onto the cake. Use thinned buttercream icing to pipe words onto the cake. Make marble sized balls of fondant and put them around the bottom of the cake to make a colorful border. The fondant cut-outs are placed onto the cake to finish the decorating. This video shows lots of different ideas for ways to decorate a cake.

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