How To: Make and decorate a perky petals tiered cake

Make and decorate a perky petals tiered cake

In order to decorate a Perky Petals Tiered Cake, you will need fondant, a pastry roller, floral wire, 3 cake layers in different sizes, tracing wheel, floral cookie cutters, a decorating spatula, a mat, royal icing, dowel rods, a knife, cake boards, and a dog-bone tool.

Roll out the fondant icing out to ¼”. Cut out daisy shapes with your cookie cutters. Use your dog-bone tool to give your flower dimension. Place one of these flowers onto another flower that is still flat. Glue them together with royal icing.

Bend the floral wire so that it will look like a hook. Glue the floral wire to the rose with royal icing. Coat your cake with fondant. Insert dowel rods into cake. Cut them to fit. Place one layer on top. Decorate around the cake board to cover it up, with royal icing. Place your fondant flowers in the center of the top layer.

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