How To: Make and decorate a wildlife safari cake

Make and decorate a wildlife safari cake

In order to prepare and decorate a Wildlife Safari Cake, you will need to pre-prepare royal icing and a pre-made cake.

Use a large leaf tip to make palm trees. Make the leaves of a palm tree on a round dome. Allow it to dry over night. Use pretzels as the trunk of the tree. Attach the pretzel to the leaves, using royal icing. Allow them to dry.

Use the star tip to make the grass. Pull upward sharply with each stroke to create points. Attach pre-made icing decorations around the outside. If it is difficult to make them adhere, use royal icing to attach. To make the water, you can use piping gel. Use brown sugar to create the look of dirt. Sprinkle it liberally over the top of the cake. Decorate with toy animals. Serve.

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