How To: Make bubbly semi-tropical flowers

Make bubbly semi-tropical flowers

Butter cream frosting isn't only delicious but allows for great decorating possibilities. It can be a little difficult to create smooth surface to of the frosting if bubbles have created pock marks when laid, but as the video demonstrates you can use a smoothing tool to get that perfect service with a little work. Using a delivery bag and more colored butter cream you can create tropical flowers for a paradise cake.

The cake was just my basic yellow cake with some chocolate chips added, yum!!
For a while there I used to obsess about there being bubbles in my buttercream, I obsessed because I read about everyone else obsessing so I thought I was doing something wrong. Sugarshack has a great method for making bubble-free buttercream, I haven't tried it but I know a lot of people have success with that. The main thing is, I realized I was worrying for nothing. Yes, it is easier to smooth a cake that doesn't have bubbles, but the bubbles can be easy to smooth, as you saw in the video, start to finish went pretty quickly. The over-mixing might cause more bubbles, but they're easier to smooth because the buttercream is softer and creamier. Well, that's my theory behind it anyway :D

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