How To: Make a cake decorating fondant/gumpaste bow

Make a cake decorating fondant/gumpaste bow

1. Use a piece of gum-paste, fondant, or candy clay about the size of a tennis ball 2. I first will roll about 1/2 of the dough through my pasta machine to a medium thickness (#4) or roll your fondant to approx 1/4 in. thickness 3. You could also use a pizza cutter or knife to cut the strips. Take two strips out to be the bow tails and then cut 2 strips in half to make thin little loops for fill-ins 4. Hang the loops over a dowel or large stick such as a broom handle (about 1in wide) 5. Wet the ends a little and press them together to form a point. Allow all the pieces to dry for about 24 hours. 6. Paint or brush with a colored dust or pearl dust for an extra sparkle 7. In a plastic bowl that is about the size as the top of your cake place a piece of wax paper with a glob of soft candy melts or royal icing for your glue %GOOGLE% 8. Place the bottom row of loops in the bowl with some on their side and some flat. Add more glue to the top of the ends and add another layer. 9. Keep repeating until you get the fullness and look you want 10. Allow the glue to dry and then remove the bow my placing your hand on top of it and slowly flipping into your hand and then flipping it top side up

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