How To: Make homemade roasted pecans for wedding party favors

Make homemade roasted pecans for wedding party favors

We'd be lying if we said that the upsurge in the past few years of DIY/homemade weddings wasn't due to the bad state of the economy. While DIY has always had a presence, its following was more cultish in nature until recently. With the average wedding costing $29,000 and maintaining and getting a job as hard as it is, it's no wonder brides and their super loyal friends are making as much of the wedding decor and treats as they can.

Party favors are one of the items most often made by hand. From caramels flavored with sea salt to the roasted pecan satchels presented in this video, homemade party favors add a whimsical and caring touch to your wedding. Check out the video for the how-to.

This roasted pecans recipe is so easy to make for you DIY brides.

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