How To: Make miniature bows with sugar florist paste

Make miniature bows with sugar florist paste

In order to make Decorative Black Bows for cakes, you will need the following: sugar floral paste, a small rolling pin, a strip cutter, ruler, sugar glue, a paint brush, Roll the paste out really thin. Use the strip cutter to cut the paste. This will allow you to be certain that all of your strips are even. Lay your strips flat. Using a ruler, cut your strips to be 4" long. Make an indentation in the paste at the 2" point. Reserve the strips that you cut away to be used later. Paint on a bit of sugar glue, onto the edges of the paste. Roll the two sides inward. This will make a bow. Use your fingers and the paintbrush to help you. Use your reserved cut away pieces at for center of the bow. Use the sugar glue to adhere the bows to your cakes. Serve.

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