How To: Make a Noel cake with Sandra Lee

Make a Noel cake with Sandra Lee

To decorate a noel cake, buy four layers of chocolate (two large sized, two small sized), two layers of spice cake (two medium sized), and a chocolate cupcake. Using a long serated knife, trim the tops of the cake to make the even. Put the one of the large chocoate cakes on your serving plater and put some frosting on top to "glue" it to the next layer. Now put the other large chocolate cake on top and gently press it into place. Frost the sides of the layer. Place a cardboard circle that is the size of the medium spice layers and put one of the spice layers on. Cover the top with frosting and place the other layer of spice on top of that. Frost the sides again. Top with another cardboard circle and place one of the smallest chocolate cakes on top of that. Add frosting to the top and add the last layer on that and frost the sides of that layer. Now put a little dallop of frosting in the middle and put your cupcake on that upside down. After that frost the cupcake. To decorate, use a star tip and make a star border with white frosting that goes along the bottom of each tier. Now take yellow frosting and the same star tip and make a yellow star every few inches. Now take a sugar cone that has been dipped in a white chocolate that has been tinted light green and put that on top of the cupcake. Pipe a star on top of that. Now add candles to the yellow stars and your Noel cake is completed.

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