How To: Make a pirate cake

Make a pirate cake

This video shows us how to make and decorate a cake that looks like a pirate.

You will need 1 baked 9' round cake, 2 1/2 cups of white frosting, 1 1/2 cups red frosting, 1 TBSP. brown frosting, chocolate cookie crumbs, mini jaw breakers, fruit leather, an M & M, a peppermint patty, black licorice, red licorice, Tic Tacs, and a marshmallow.

Freeze the cake for 2-3 hours then cut and arrange as shown. Frost the pirates face with a mix of 1 cup white frosting and 1 TBSP. of chocolate frosting. If you don't want your pirate to be too white, add some brown or red food coloring to give a darker look.

Cut the marshmallow in half, frost and use for the nose. cut the fruit leather into an eye shape and put an M & M in the center of it for the eye. Use the shoestring red licorice for his mouth.

The peppermint patty is used for the eye patch and the black licorice rope is used for the eye patch straps. Next, use two thick pieces of licorice for his eyebrows.

Frost the red bandana with red frosting and decorate it with the mini jawbreakers to make them look like polka dots.

Then, use the cookie crumbs to create the stubbly beard affect.

Finally, use the Tic Tacs, one wrapped in gold, for his teeth to finish off the cake.

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