How To: Make a robot birthday cake

Make a robot birthday cake

In order to make a Robot Cake, you will need the following: a 13 x 9” cake.

Remove the top layer of the cake, by cutting it off evenly. Next cut off a 3” strip from the top and the bottom of the cake. Cut away 1/3 of one of the strips. Place your cakes on your serving platter or a cake board. Cut away from the lower level to bevel the edges.

Do a crumb coating of icing, on the cake. To create a silver color, mix a bit of black and blue dye. Decorate with fruit roll up strips. Cut them to make a grid. Fill the grid with candy. Attach licorice arms to the side of the cake. Use chocolate cookie wafers to make wheels/feet.

Use candy to make eyes, ears, and mouth. Remember licorice is available in various colors. Serve.

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