How To: Make a rose out of fondant icing

Make a rose out of fondant icing

Adorn your decorative cake with hand crafted fondant icing roses with help from this cake decorating tutorial. To make one of these adorable roses, follow these steps:

1. It's important to have a decent sized work area, so make sure you have enough room, and place powdered sugar all over your work area. This is so the fondant won't get too sticky.

2.Next, get your fondant/gumpaste. Nead the icing so that it isn't hard and is easy to use.

3. Roll out a ball of the icing. Pinch the top so it becomes pointy (more like a nub) on one side. Set your nub to the side for later use.

4. Make another ball of icing. Mold it into a snake by rubbing the icing between your hands.

5. Flatten the 'snake'. Take one side and make it flatter than the other side.

6. Now take your snake, making sure the flatter side is on the top. Take the numb and roll the flattened snake so it is one circle above the nub. Keep spiraling it down the rest of the flower. This is suppose to be your bud.

7. Put that to the side, and make another ball. Flatten out the ball and make it very flat one one side. Wrap it around the bud.

8. Keep doing that (those are your petals). Keep wrapping them around until your satisfied with the look.

9. The left over fondant at the bottom can easily be cut off with a knife, or pinched off.

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