How To: Make spring flower cupcakes using jelly beans

Make spring flower cupcakes using jelly beans

There's no excuse not to eat cupcakes. Except, of course the scary calorie count. But who thinks about calories anyway when his/her taste buds are having a mouthgasm from stuffing down a red velvet cupcake?

And here's one more reason to eat a cupcake. These springtime cupcakes, made of simple icing and Jelly Belly jelly beans, are easily done with your kids and produce very pretty results. These cupcakes are genius because while you could toil endlessly trying to perfect an icing rose or flower shape, you can create a similar flower effect just by arranging jelly beans on the icing.

Karen Tack, co-creator of the best-selling "Hello, Cupcake?" and "What's New, Cupcake" books creates colorful Spring Cupcakes with a multitude of Jelly Belly treats.

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