How To: Make sugar flowers for cake decorations

Make sugar flowers for cake decorations

This video shows you how to make sugar flowers for cake decorations. Follow along with these cake decorating tips as our pastry chef explaining the petal paste techniques. Use the petal paste technique to make sugar flowers for any cake.

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Does anyone know if it's possible to download to Ipod

I used IDM to download and used video converter to convert it and it ready to go to Itune.

Thank you for demonstrating the petal past technique.. that is the quickiest way to make a rose.. I will be using it. Thanks again!!!

how do you get these to play mine won't do anything.

Thank you so very much. This was very very helpful. I am not able to do carnation though. Please help.

thank you for these useful videos

i asked for poinsettia suger demo

interested in drop flowers and air brushing techniques

check out my drop flower link-

i luv baking and i need to know more about cake decorations.

more cake decorating on wonderhowto-
come join my forum

I'm Linsay from Mauritius chief pastry and bakery instrutor of kitchen nice demonsation congratulation to you.

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