How To: Make wine-themed cake decorations

Make wine-themed cake decorations

This video shows how to make wine-themed cake decorations.We can see Courtney and Ceasey's birthday cake in this video. The bottles, apples and the grapes are made of fondant. The leaves are made of modeling chocolate. We can make decorations. First take a piece of modelling chocolate. Roll it out. Dust the surface with confectioners sugar or cocoa. Use plastic leaf as a model. Then press the viened side into the leaf to make an impression. We nead 8 leaves to cover the sides of a 9 inch three layer cake. Roll the wine bottles and mould by hand. Cut the smaller leaves and use as a border around the 6 inch cake. The grapes, vines and apples were made from fondant. Wrap thin strips of fondant around a dowel or pencil to form the vines. Use gold dust powder and extract to make an edible paint. Use a brush or Q-tip to paint the gold on to the bottles. Use edible markers for writing on the bottles. We can highlight the grapes with gold too. The the cake is ready.

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