How To: Make a yellow rose out of icing for cake decorating

Make a yellow rose out of icing for cake decorating

This beautiful yellow icing rose looks really difficult to create, but with the right tools it's as simple as practicing (and probably messing up a few times). Whether you want to add a special edible decoration to a Mother's Day cake you're baking or a batch of vanilla cupcakes, this rose is an elegant and never ostentatious choice.

Of course, you can use any icing color you'd like to vary the hue of the rose. Just take a gander at this cake decorating video to learn what materials you'll need and the instructions.

1- Take a decorating nail in one hand and a piping bag with decorating tip that looks like a teardrop, half filled with icing color of your choise in the other hand.
2- Hold the bag with the pointy side of decorating tip facing up
3- Squeeze hard to make a tall strong cylinder, if you move yiour nail side to side and it flops over try again, because it wont be solid enough to hold the weight of the rest of the icing and your rose will be lopsided
4-Spin your nail around once to make the center of the rose
5-Start making your pedals, 3 around the center next layer 5 and the next 7
6-To make your pedals spin the nail around as you squeeze the icing out up and down like an upside down "U" shape

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