How To: Makea princess cupcake castle

Makea princess cupcake castle

Celebration Shoppe shows viewers how to make a Princess cupcake castle! First, you will need to make normal cupcakes - your choice of flavor - an top them with pink icing. Next, you need a stand that is three tiers in descreasing size. Next, you should embellish them and apply to the cake plate. Next, you can add in ribbon and on the top add in little castle tops and towers. You can also add in ribbons tied around each cupcake. Next, you can take sugar cones and decorate the top tier with these acting as your castle towers. Next, take lollipops and you can also add them in the tiers. Also, make a flag using paper and tooth picks. You can also use the lollipop sticks to make fairy wands and princes wands! This should only take a few hours plus cook time!

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