How To: Split, fill, and add a crumb coat for cake decorating

Split, fill, and add a crumb coat for cake decorating

Before you start rolling out fondant to assemble a fantastical, impressive swan and before you even slather on that top coat of icing, you have to know how to assemble your cake and insert icing between layers of cake.

Check out this video to see how to split, fill, and add a crumb coat to a cake (which makes the cake's surface smoother and easier to work with when you add icing).

This video is for the beginning decorator who wants to learn how to split, fill, and crumb coat a beautiful layered cake. These techniques are the basic steps used before you finally ice and decorate a cake. The crumb coat is actually an optional step. The crumb coat traps free crumbs in a thin layer of icing. That way, when you ice a cake, it comes out clean and smooth. It is a useful cake decorating technique for colorful cakes with light icing. (Like red velvet cake & white icing!)

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