News: Yummy Larvae Sweet Enough To Eat

Yummy Larvae Sweet Enough To Eat

Sweet little bug cakes by Japan's Komatsuya Honten bakery make an interesting belated Valentine's Day treat. Interesting tidbit of Valentine's Day trivia: in Japan, women give chocolate to men for Valentine's Day, not the other way around.

Via CNN,

"A Japanese company has added a new twist to Valentine's Day: giving the gift of insects. In 2005, Komatsuya Honten, a bakery and confectionery shop located in Akita Prefecture, debuted a series of cakes and candies modeled on the larval and adult forms of kabuto-mushi -- the massive rhinoceros beetles native to the Japanese archipelago.

'There is a bug festival held here in Yokote city, every year, and I created the insect chocolates to capture the sense of that festival,' explains Satayoshi Komatsu, president of Komatsu Honten. 'It's very popular with children. I collected kabuto-mushi as a kid myself, so there's a nostalgic aspect, too.'"

Yummy Larvae Sweet Enough To Eat

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Awe gross... but so tasty **drool**

Cool! I wish I could by them at the local bakery!

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