News: Barf, Grotesque Cakes That Are TOO Hyperrealistic

Barf, Grotesque Cakes That Are TOO Hyperrealistic

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Im having a hard time believing these are cakes. I want some sunny side up cake with a side of cake bacon though.

the cigarette cake makes me want to puke

well then don't look at it duh, its art, not something ur going to want to eat

well , that's a morbid creativity for cakes :D ... i mean ... look at that bacon (if that's supposed to be) it looks like a cow tongue who died from unnatural causes and then transformed into art :-s

Mmm cigarette cake made with real nicotine I feel a craving already.

the first cake o bacon looks like my tofu dinners.... ha

i can't decide if these would be delicious or if the appearance would override the taste. either way i want some.

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