How To: Decorate a princess birthday cake

Decorate a princess birthday cake

This video illustrate us how to decorate a princess birthday cake. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: First of all colect all the ingredients that is ready made cakes, gems, choclate syrup, strawberry syrup,candytsicks, frost cream,ribbon, eatable doll face.

Step 2: Now take the cake and cut it into half.

Step 3: Take the halved cakes and pass the standing ro through all the pieces and then ile these pieces one over another so that the convex surface of the cake comes on the top most.

Step 4: Now take the cream and add strawberry syrup in it and whip well, apply this cream all over the piled cake and smooth it out evenly.

Step 5: Now with a spoon make wavy structure on the cream applied giving it a frilled gown look.

Step 6: Now apply colored eatable gems at equal distance on all over the gown.

Step 7: place the cake on a round cardboard and on wrap this with ribbbon.

Step 8: Place the doll on the top.

Thats it.

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