How To: Decorate cupcakes into realistic ham and cheese deli sandwiches

Decorate cupcakes into realistic ham and cheese deli sandwiches

We can promise you that your party guests will do a double take when they see these cupcakes shaped like delicious deli sandwiches. We almost couldn't believe our eyes when we first saw them ourselves; these cupcakes are decorated down to the very last sesame seed to resemble ham and cheese deli sandwiches.

Place these babies next to some real deli sandwiches at your celebration and see if they can tell the difference! To learn how to decorate your cupcakes into pseudo sandwiches, take a gander at this video.

Learn to mold lettuce with green vanilla icing and corn flakes, the ham and cheese with Starbursts or Tootsie Roll flavored candies and a rolling pin, and the onions with white gumdrops and a cookie cutter. For the tomatoes, you'll need gummy fruit slices, and for the bread, you'll need a donut with sesame seeds.

All the ideas for assembly and ingredients came from the book "What's New Cupcake" By Richardson and Tack.

Music by: Jason Shaw

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