How To: Make quick homemade cookies with the Roller Cutter

Make quick homemade cookies with the Roller Cutter

The holidays mean two things to us: Delicious, sugary holiday cookies and a great deal of hustle and bustle from shopping, parties, and meeting with friends. But with all this on your plate it's easy to get overwhelemed and not know how to fit everything in.

But worry not. Check out this video to learn how to make quick homemade cookies quickly using a special roller cutter.

Homemade cookies are such a huge part of the holiday season, but every year seems to get busier and busier with parties, gift shopping, and family events. We can all get a little stressed during this season, but don't forgo freshly baked cookies due to a time crunch. The Roller Cutter is a real time saver, and helps you turn out five festive holiday-themed cookies in a flash. Try it with Roll Out Cookie Dough, Grandma's Gingerbread, or your favorite homemade rolled cookie dough.

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