How To: Decorate a chocolate moose-shaped cupcake

Decorate a chocolate moose-shaped cupcake

Have you ever read the children's book "If You Give A Moose A Muffin"? The book is among one of a series that explores all the fantastical fun a kid can have when she/he tempts an unexpected animal with a yummy dessert.

While you won't find us asking for a moose anytime soon, reading about the moose's adventures sure made mooses seem like fun! If you have a little kid running around the house who loves animals (and mooses in particular), then he/she will love this cupcake. Shaped into a moose's head, this cupcake will delight anyone who sees it.

Make these up to the point of dipping and then add the icing details, eyes, smile, nostrils, extra fur. Refrigerate them until just before serving then put in the ears and antlers.
These need to be served within a hour or two of assembly to they look their best.

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